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A Free Featherweight Sewing Machine, Our New Heavyweight Table And A Chair!

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Arrow’s classic sewing machine cabinets and craft tables are functional, affordable and offer superior engineering and quality. Whether you are looking for a sewing cabinet to hold a small portable sewing machine, a large sewing/embroidery machine, or a longarm quilter, or just need a portable sewing table to take with you, we have a product to fit your needs.

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We have dealers all over the United States and Canada, as well as Authorized Website Dealers, who will be happy to assist you in purchasing an Arrow or Kangaroo product.

Demo Videos

Watch demonstration videos for some of our sewing cabinets and tables. You’ll also find these on the product pages themselves, but all of the available demo videos are listed here.

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We’d love to send you a brochure of our sewing cabinets and a coupon for use at your local store in the US or Canada. Use our form to request a brochure and coupon.

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Customer Reviews

I had a chance to use my new table this morning. I had to write to let you know how overwhelmingly pleased I am. The outcome is just great!

Product: Gidget I Table


Chelmsford, MA

I love this table! I’ve been sewing all day with no shoulder pain…..amazing what lowering the machine just a couple of inches does!

Product: Heavyweight Table


I love these cabinets, I purchased the sewing cabinet 2 months ago also. They are very easy to assemble. Great finish.

Product: Mod Thread CabinetTrainer Green Jacket outdoor Nike Core Kids 2018 2017 Man City zXwXHOYfW


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